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About Us

We believe that access to health care is a basic human right that should be enjoyed by all. Arogya Finance exists to make that a reality.

It’s a well-known fact that Health insurance penetration in India is abysmally low. And because of that, millions are unable to access health care. But instead of offering yet another insurance product, which people have indicated, time and again, they don’t want, Arogya offers them a loan when and where they need it – and one that, unlike insurance, has a fixed tenure.

Arogya Finance has partnered with hospitals and other health care providers to ensure that people can access medical loans for themselves and their families. Patients borrow from and repay Arogya Finance directly leaving them free to get treated wherever they choose to do so.

To ensure maximum reach, Arogya Finance has developed a path-breaking proprietary approach, which enables it to lend to even those who fall outside the formal sector. Arogya’s approach does not require collateral or income proof. Arogya has developed a truly Indian approach for India.